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What Happens To The Aluminum You Recycle?

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From an early age, we’re taught that we need to recycle. The earth’s resources are finite, so reusing them is the responsible thing to do. Each week, we separate trash from recyclables, putting each in their respective containers for pickup. But where does the recycling go from there? What happens to aluminum cans, aluminum foil and other aluminum products after they leave your home? 1. Some states allow consumers to exchange aluminum cans for deposit. While you can set your recycling by the curb, you may want to take your cans to...

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Getting An Air Compressor? What Kind Of Pneumatic Tools Are On Your Wish List This Holiday Season?

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Did your special someone hint that you might be getting your own air compressor this holiday season? If you are the DIY type who loves to tinker on a number of projects, you’re probably all smiles. Odds are you’re even thinking about what types of pneumatic tools you want to go along with it. The following explains the basics of pneumatic tools and gives you some ideas for that all-important wish list. About Pneumatic Tools A pneumatic tool is a power tool that is driven by compressed air, usually provided by an air compressor. In...

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Wood Sources For Use As Fuel In Commercial Heating Systems: Pros And Cons

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Commercial wood-burning heating systems are a great alternative for businesses and other institutions that need to heat an area containing a lot of square feet. Wood costs much less than oil, coal and natural gas, and it is a proven renewable fuel source that has been used for thousands of years for heating. However, to be a viable alternative, the wood itself must meet certain characteristics to be usable without expensive preparations or potentially causing harm when burned. If you are thinking about purchasing a this kind of commercial...

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How To Get Ready To Move Into A Tiny House In 3 Easy Steps

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Are you getting ready to make the big move and join the tiny house movement? You’re in good company. Everyone from millennials to retirees are joining the tiny house revolution. The reasons people give up their large homes for micro ones that are only a few hundred square feet each are as vast and varied as those who are doing it. Some of the most common reasons for moving into a tiny house include: Wanting to live mortgage-free A desire to reduce one’s carbon footprint A need or desire to lower utility bills Wanting a portable...

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How To Maintain Your Bakery’s Deck Oven

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If you have a deck oven in your bakery then you understand the importance of baking quality bread for your customers. However, one important aspect of owning a deck oven is knowing how to maintain it properly. Proper maintenance will keep it working properly, extend your oven’s life, and keep your bread smelling wonderful. Your deck oven doesn’t only need one type of maintenance. It needs several types such as: Daily Monthly Semi-annual Long-term Knowing the different types of maintenance and exactly what you should be doing will...

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